Bandung Enterprise is a member of both ASOSIASI PPTKI Hong Kong and Hong Kong Employment Agents Association, with Employment Agency License by Hong Kong Labor Department’s Employment Agency License, and Consulate General of Indonesia and Philippines.

With more than 20 years of experience, Bandung Enterprise is a reputable company that has strived to provide professional services for clients; especially in elderly and infant care. Our clients include a lot of celebrities and professionals.

Bandung Enterprise has two branches located in Causeway Bay and Sheung Wan, and well-equipped boarding houses to provide comprehensive training for domestic helpers. Bandung Enterprise has been collaborating with domestic helper training centers across Southeast Asia: Jakarta, Surabaya, Indonesia, and Philippines, selecting and training domestic helpers according to Hong Kong people’s needs. Professional training includes etiquette, Cantonese, cultural customs in Hong Kong, housework, cooking, use of gas stove and home safety. Our training especially focuses on both elder and child care and we keep improving the quality of our domestic helpers.

Our mission

To offer the best-quality domestic helpers to employers, thereby alleviating employers’ stress and promoting harmonious employment relationships.

Our principle

To find an ideal domestic helper to assist with household chores in order for more personal time to spend with your family.

With the advancement in technology, Bandung Enterprise has a comprehensive computerized system which provides an efficient and convenient service and saves time for clients. To provide convenience to employers within the shortest time, an online service, Virtual Online Selection and Overseas Video Interview Service, has been introduced in 2006 to allow for oversea interviews.

With our long history, Bandung Enterprise has a multitude of experienced, diligent helpers who have been working in Hong Kong for many years. Many have completed their contracts successfully and hope to find a new employer.

Tailor-made professional service

A team of professional consultants will carefully select a domestic helper according to the client’s requests.

Virtual Online Selection and Overseas Video Interview Service

Customers can browse through a selection of available domestic helpers at the convenience of
their own time. One-to-one interview can be conducted to enable clients to find their ideal domestic helper.

Comprehensive follow-up service

All applications will be monitored closely to ensure each domestic helper will arrive in
Hong Kong and start to work on time. We have specialized personnel providing
and Filipino translation and counseling services to ensure your domestic helper can
adapt to the new environment within the shortest period of time.

Philippines Consulate License Indonesian Consulate License Labour License No. 67639 Member of Asosiasi PPTKI Hong Kong (No. 157) Member of the Hong Kong Employment Agencies Association Limited
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