The employers and the employees should agree the following provisions if the deal is made in accordance with Employment Contract ID.407 Form issued by Hong Kong SAR which the probable content is as following:

Please refer to Labour Department webpage in aspect of the detailed labor legislation.
(Practical Guide for Employment of Foreign Domestic Helpers -- Instruction to Foreign Domestic Helpers and Their Employers)

Employer pays monthly salary of HK $ 4,630.00 to domestic helpers (Salary is subject to provisions issued by the Government). During the two-year contract, employers are responsible for domestic helpers’ room and board, medical care and labor insurance. Domestic helpers have 12 days of labor holiday and 7 days of paid holidays. (The contract will take effect on the first working day after domestic helpers’ arrival and domestic helpers do not have statutory holiday during the first three months.)

If any party wants to terminate the contract, one should offer written notice one month in advance or pay the other party one month’s salary in lieu of notice. However, employers must pay for domestic helpers’ tickets to return to his/her place of origin and travel allowance no matter who terminate the contract or when the contract is finished.

  • Qualification and procedures of employing foreign domestic helpers
  • The following documents must be submitted (ID522 Appendix) in accordance with the regulations of Hong Kong Immigration Department
  • Item A:
  • Proof of employer's financial position (copy), for example:

    Please submit the following if the employer is employing by a company:
    1. Salary statement of the past three months from the employing company, annual salary of $180, 000; or
    2. Bank passbook / Monthly Statement of the past three months showing monthly salary; or
    3. Tax Assessment and Payment Note recently issued by Tax Bureau.

    Please submit the following if the employer is self-employed or company director:
    1. Assessment Table of Corporate Profits Tax and certificate of relationship between the employer and the company. For example: Certified Data from Register of Businesses / Shares Allocation Record (Form 1 (b)); or
    2. Monthly Statement on time / demand deposit of the past three months which certify that the deposit amount is not less than $350,000;
    3. Recent Assessment Note of Property Tax

  • Item B
  • Certificate of the new employer’s address* (copy), for example:
    1. The latest Demand for Rates; or
    2. Residential utility bills (for example: gas / water / electricity bill), or local telephone / cable TV service bill of the past three months

    Please submit the following if the house of the residential address on Employment Contract is administrated by Housing Authority / Hong Kong Housing Society:
    1. Letter of Consent on temporary residence of related foreign domestic helpers approved by Housing Authority / Hong Kong Housing Society; and
    2. Lease (from the first page to the fourth page) made by the employer and Housing Authority / Hong Kong Housing Society to display the address of the new employer and information of family members

    Note: If the above documents do not belong to the new employer, please submit the certificate of relationship between the new employer and the involved person, for example: copy of Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate ot others.
  • Register in the Consulate
  • In accordance with Immigration Regulations of the Republic of Indonesia, when the domestic helpers from Indonesia arrive at the country of destination, they must register in the local Indonesian Consulate. If the former employer renews the contract or changes work address, also need to handle relevant procedure.
  • Domestic helper insurance
  • In accordance with Employment Contract ID 407, the employer must insure his or her domestic helper foreign domestic helpers insurance to protect the employer’s and the domestic helper’s rights and interests. If the employer insures “Comprehensive Domestic Helpers Insurance”, insurance company will compensate the expenses of sick, outpatient medical, surgery, hospitalization and personal accident based on insurance coverage. Then, reduce risk and cost for the employer. Safe and affordable!
  • Harmonious and happy relationship between the employer and the employee
  • It is popular and strong demand for small families in modern metropolitan to employ
    domestic helpers to do the housework, take care for children and accompany the elderly.
    For domestic helpers, they need to nurse newborn baby, look after preschool children and escort children to school with motherliness and responsibility. In order to let domestic
    helpers work well, employers should gradually teach them skill and tell them the
    requirement. In addition, employers should have harmonious relationship with employees.

    With the development of the city, Hong Kong has become an aging society.
    People who have the elderly are glad to employ domestic helpers due to
    shortage of hands. For domestic helpers, they need to take care of the elderly with love, patience, obedience. If employers know the way to get along with domestic helpers and promote the harmonious relationship with domestic helpers, they will be doubly careful to accompany the elderly. Thus, employers will be more relieved.
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